Notable Denizens

Here, you will find the power structures and list of important people in the city of San Francisco and some honorable mentions of power that can influence the area.


Vampires reporting to the region generally know from mentors that 'The Haven' is the spot to head to in order to make yourself known and to set up an appointment to meet the Prince. Lillie Langtree runs The Haven. The following members listed are of the Camarilla seat of power in the city.

- Sabre - Brujah
MIA: Prince Sabre has not been see in the city since the calamitous events of September 2017
Sabre was originally from France and has since traveled all around Europe before hitting New York. NY City fell to the Sabbat and she had since traveled west to make something of herself and to rebuild. After Cameron died on the docks, along with other Brujah, she took over and reestablished the Brujah as a force that worked with the Prince instead of against her. The Brujah have also settled things with the Gangrel and the streets are safer because of it. She has taken on Sasha and acts as a Sire for her as well as some other misplaced Kindred that were dumped to cause trouble by the Sabbat but turned out to be redeemable. She is a person that loves to tease and play around but she can become quite serious and deadly. Sabre is the current Prince of San Francisco after Julian Luna stepped down, and a former Keeper of Elysium.

Seneschal - Keeper of Elysium - Primogen - Lucas Moenen - Tremere
Luc came to San Francisco in the summer months of 2014 with little prestige to his name. Since, he has worked tirelessly to further the interests of the Council, and mend the doubts other clans express toward the Tremere. How he has gone about raising his stature to the level he has, is not a matter of public record. Pragmatic and sharp witted, he remains one of the more stable pillars of Kindred society.

Madeleine Astor, Ventrue Primogen - Ventrue
Madeleine Astor came to the city and was made the Ventrue Primogen. Her duties mainly included running the hospitals in the region including one she directly presides over by name. When Julian, the former Prince, was called away for reasons unknown by his Clan leaders, Madeleine was voted in to take his place after Julian elected her for the duty. Madeleine has since led the Camarilla Kindred of the region with distinction, even if some people wonder how such a soft-hearted person can pull it off. She is not an old Kindred but she is quick on her feet and quite adaptable, proving herself time and time again. She faces many challenges, including just trying to keep the Camarilla groups from going at each other at times, but also to facing grand strife such as all out war that has been induced by the Fae Prince Kalamundas. She is a great negotiator and mediator, partially because she actually is a sincere person and those who deal with her know it. As sincere as she can be though, she does know how to put her foot down and can be no nonsense.
Madeleine currently holds no formal position in the Domain of San Francisco, but her devotion of the city and its denizens as well as her extensive network make her voice carry a weight in political and mundane affairs that is not to be understated.

Prince Julian Luna - Ventrue
Julian is a powerful Ventrue elder, and a former Prince of San Francisco. He relinquished his throne after a vote of the Primogen Council, yielding the position to Sabre. Julian casts a long shadow over the city still, but usually opts to operate outside of official Camarilla channels. He has exerted great efforts to unite the Clans and bring stability to the Primogen Council. It would be a mistake to interpret his facilitating leadership style for weakness, however.

Nosferatu Primogen - Daedalus
Daedalus served under Julian and also knew the Prince before Julian, Archon. He is a noble and quiet man who believes in the Traditions and does things by the book. Often times, he speaks softly and yet to the point and is rather lawful, though he does not like to partake in Kindred politics. He watches over several Nosferatu who dwell in the sewers beneath the city and if he does not know something, people are surprised. Of course, if you want his information, you have to be willing to pay the price. Daedalus is secretly a very artistic person who appreciates music and is a decent painter.

Toreador Primogen - Lillie Langtree
Lillie runs The Haven in San Francisco and is all about pomp, circumstance and power. She does not seem to wish to be Prince, but she is demanding and when she feels she is ignored or not given her due, problems can arise. She is alluring and captivating but she is definitely not a woman to take lightly. She knows how to be as cold as any other Kindred and can even sometimes put some of them to shame. Still, she has her redeeming qualities and a conscience, even if it can be compromised at times. Lillie Langtree was sided with Eddie Fiori when he attempted to take over as Prince but changed her mind when the tactics to it were known and she realized that he meant to kill Julian; not just dethrone him. Since then, she has not been so ambitious but one never knows when that could change. At times she does challenge the authority of the Prince.

Gangrel Primogen - Cash
Cash served under Julian and when the former Gangrel Primogen was murdered by the Brujah under Eddie Fiori (who proceeded Cameron), Cash was made the new Primogen. Cash fell in love with Sasha, who was a relative of Julian's, but before Julian granted approval of their relationship and embrace, after Sasha learned of their world, she was kidnapped and made a Brujah. This led to a major stand off with the Brujah and Julian, only ended by the Nosferatu killing her sire. Eddie Fiori was killed later on when he attempted to assassinate Julian, but Cameron did not make things easier and was moving on his own to take the position of Prince after Julian was called away. His untimely death, dying actually in combat for the city, prevented this. Cash and Sasha worked things out by intervention of Sabre later and the two are together. Cash is diligent in his duties as Sheriff and he watches over the city and park.

Brujah Primogen - Cass

Malkavian Primogen -