A proclamation

Under the supernatural communities of San Francisco, the following proclamation is distributed:

Citizens of San Francisco,

Following the Conclave of June 29th 2016, we announce the following:

- Sabre of Clan Brujah has ascended to Prince of the City.

- Madeleine Astor of clan Ventrue will continue to serve this domain as Seneschal.

- Julian Luna of Clan Ventrue has graciously stepped down, and will remain in the city to aid this council where he may.

- A new Brujah primogen will be nominated in a fortnight, other chairs on the council remain as they are.

Sabre, Prince of San Francisco
Council of Primogen

We've been meaning to actually play out the conclave where these things were decided, but the ic world has kept on spinning and everyone is basically on the same page. So, here is the actual ic announcement.
If you have any questions, feel free to talk to an ST.