Brutal attack on San Francisco General Hospital

San Francisco General Hospital was the scene of a brutal terrorist attack tonight. A group of people forced their way into the building, and left a trail of destruction and death as they made their way to down the halls. The hospital states the attack left no survivors in the coma ward. Additionally, the group left a multitude of fatalities and wounded in their wake.
Police on the scene confirms the statements made by the hospital, and states that the situation in the hospital has been neutralized. First responders are on the scene, and are tending to the casualties along with Hospital employees.
Regarding the motive behind this heinous attack, police chief McDaniel stated: “We have not managed to make any arrests yet, but I assure you every resource the SFPD has at its disposal is being tapped to find those responsible, and bring them to justice. “
Rumors state that the group of terrorists is linked to the Church of St. Gregory, indicated by several markings the perpetrators left at the scene. At this point, neither the police nor the hospital wished to comment or speculate on this.