OOC: Channel updates, Surveys, bot and site stuff oh my

Hi everyone,

As some of you will likely have noticed, a lot has been happening surrounding WoD-SF lately. We'd like to go over some of the goings-on, to make sure everyone's on the same page.
If you come away from reading this with questions, don't hesitate to talk to an ST!

Kaius steps down
Anyone who's been a part of this channel will know the original founder, Marty. He's usually under the nickname Kaius when on irc.
Due to personal reasons, Marty has chosen to step away from being an active part of WoD-SF. He's a friend of many of you, and he'll continue to be around in the OOC channel, but for the foreseeable future, he will not be an active player or storyteller in WoD-SF.
It's a bit odd to express thanks or reflect on effort put forth when he's still on OOC pretty often, but that's no reason not to - so thanks man, for the energy you've invested in this place over the years :)

OOC: Dorsey - GirlElf on irc - has taken over the founder role of Marty.
IC, we're trying to handle the effects of this pragmatically. We've tackled a lot of angles already - but if your character has had dealings with Marty's characters, and we haven't gotten around to looking into your situation yet, please talk to an ST.

WoD SF surveys!
Due to the recent change 'behind the scenes', we're going to be running two short surveys - One to hear what you guys think of the channel, and one to tell us a bit about you as a player.
Of course this stuff is optional, and 100% anonymous. No emails captured, no ip addresses, nuffin. So - if you want to share some input, please do!

WoD San Francisco Channel Quality Survey - Q2 2017: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/S7XYFKN
WoD San Francisco Player Survey - Q2 2017: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/S7FHDNZ

We'll keep the surveys open for a couple of weeks

Updates to Ghost and website
With Marty stepping down, we've also said goodbye to Methuselah, the old trusty channel bot. Acting duties have been assumed by Ghost.
We're continuously adding features to enhance the experience of playing in WoD-SF to both Ghost and the channel website. Please check the !commands (or the !changelog) in channel.
If you have any suggestions for functionality to be added or amended, please talk to Bart / Iradu.

######## WoD-SF Ghost - changelog ########
20170521 Iradu: added !rumors command that reads the latest 5 rumors from the site to players
20170520 Iradu: added !paper command that reads latest 5 front page articles to players
20170520 Iradu: added rss reader that posts updates to front page of website in OOC channel
20170520 Iradu: ic txt messages to NPC's will now be played back in the ST channel
20170529 Iradu: added changelog feature for bot
20170518 Iradu: added !giveautovoice opcommand to grant autovoice in WoD-SF channels to new players
20170512 Iradu: permanently enabled !dice and !sdice in OOC
20170404 Iradu: added !cdice (random d100) for CoC playtest