Rumors and how to start them!

You'll probably have noticed by now that the channel bot, Ghost, has been spreading all sorts of rumors lately. But we haven't really explained where those come from, or how you can get in on that. So - here's a little background on that:

So ... what are rumors, exactly?
Rumors are in-character information. Your characters hear them as hushed whispers, being spread by the local Harpies and gossip mongers.
That means they're not simply flavor text for the setting - you can choose to have your character act upon a rumor. Talk to a character who you think might know more, investigate, talk to an ST - whatever strikes your fancy.

I noticed the rumors that are being spread, change over time
Picard observation - indeed, rumors tend to surface and wither. Older rumors will simply stop actively circulating.
Ghost will always share rumors that are younger than two weeks. After that, you can only find them on the site (see the IC rumors option in the Setting menu)

And ... I can start rumors, too?
Sometimes rumors will simply pop up as a result of scenes being played out in game. But more socially connected characters may also be able to start rumors - whether they be true or not.
Talk to an ST if you have a neat idea :)