Gas explosion levels city block

Downtown San Francisco was rocked by a huge gas explosion, Saturday night. The catastrophic event instantly levelled a city block in the Mission district, and started fires that rapidly consumed neighboring buildings. The fire department and police force were out in large numbers, but were initially overwhelmed by the size of the calamity. "I've never seen anything like this", one firefighter told this reporter. "I swear it's like a bomb went off here."

The mayor was in the scene shortly after the explosion, to comfort survivors and oversee the relief effort. "This is a dark day in the history of this magnificent city. We grief for those we lost, with their families and their loved ones. Monday will be a day of mourning. But currently, our priority is extracting all survivors from the site, and put out the fires. Very capable professionals are handling the situation. I urge all San Franciscans to not come down to the Mission district until we can guarantee everyone's safety."

Both fire chief McNamara and police chief Spade stated that a gas explosion is the most plausible cause of the calamity at this point. The CEO of Bay Area Utilities, owner of the local gas transportation network, was at time of writing unavailable for comment.