Character Creation

Submitting a Character

* All character submissions must include a character sheet and a character background / biography. Consider the history of your character to be just as important as the other character creation elements are. It is to your advantage to do so.

* Please try to make your character as realistic and believable as possible. Age and apparent age of characters must be 18+. This is NOT negotiable; especially for Vampire characters.
You can check the WoD:SF character creations rules on the Kine (Mortals) or Kindred (Vampires)

General Creation House Rules for All Characters

This game setting runs on the platform of 20th Anniversary Editions of the World of Darkness games originally published by White Wolf. There are other character sheet templates which are updated to the 20th Edition specifications despite those games not being out currently and we use them whenever possible.

* No Attribute may be above 4.
* No Ability may be above 3. Exceptions are sometimes made for Knowledges if the background supports it.
* Secondary abilities are not used. Instead will be using the blanket abilities of Hobby Talent, Professional Skill and Expert Knowledge as are described in the 20th Anniversary game books.
* Status and Influence within the city of San Francisco are not possible if you have newly arrived to the city.
* Resources cannot be 5. There are too many characters with Resources at this level active in the story at this time.

Background: A list of questions that can help you flesh out your character biography, and make it more realistic and believable.
Character Sheet Template: Kine
Character Sheet Template: Kindred

-= Please submit a text form, or in the email, remarking on where you have spent Freebies. =-

Getting Your Character Approved
Once you have created your character sheet and biography, please join us in #WOD-SF-OOC on IRC, and talk to one of the Storytellers.
The ST will work with you to get your character tailored to WOD:SF.

* GirlElf - Storyteller
* Iradu - Storyteller

What Do I Do After My Character is Approved?
PLAY! :)
Saturday nights are generally story nights, where Storytellers like to move current plot lines forward. Otherwise, you are free to play anytime though Storyteller involvement will be minimal unless necessary.