San Francisco Times: Carnage at Bakery Opening

Carnage at Bakery Opening
Fatality in drive-by bombing

At 7pm, the grand opening of Simply Sweet Sensations hit off spectacularly. The main chef and owner, Ruth Norris, walked around greetings customers while her assistant chefs moved among the crowd, giving away free samples of delectible confections. A mere hour later, however, the joyous festivities ended abruptly as 4 presumably young males drove by in what is reported as an old vehicle, lobbing a nail bomb through the front window. A young 24 year old named Haladur Wingfield likely sacrificed himself, throwing himself over the bomb to weaken the explosion.

Despite the valiant effort, patrons and staff alike were hit by free-flying nails that doctors believe were laced with some sort of drug that caused severe hallucinations to the victims. The police and paramedics arrived on the scene but the perpetrators had fled and unfortunately, due to the bizarre effects of the hallucinogenic drugs used, or the fact that some had managed to hide behind the counter, witness reports at the scene were not very reliable. The effects of the drugs wore off after 2 hours and some patrons did not even seem to barely remember the scene at all once it had passed from their systems.

If anyone has any information regarding this incident, you are asked to please call your local police department.