Diamond Heist of Fire

2/1/2013 - San Francisco, down near the docks, possibly one of the most bizarre heists took place. An illeged gas fire seemed to spark from a possible explosive entry into Lou's Diamond Exchange. The perpetrators made off with several million dollars worth of diamonds that had been imported recently. There is no photo or camera evidence of the criminals who broke in and demolished the walls, ripping into vaults and taking what they wanted. The fire then spread to two warehouses close by and down the street, to include even leaving behind melted sidewalk and streets that were slagged. The fire department responded as immediately as was possible and the flames were very difficult to put out, taking the entire night and following day to do so. Casualty accurate numbers have not been confirmed entirely yet but so far 20 people have been reported deceased and several others have been injured. If anyone has any information on the suspects, at this time, authorities are asking for any leads at all as there is utterly no evidence to be found due to the fires consuming it all.

Current update: The diamonds from the heist are still missing and the search has gone on to the FBI and CIA to try to find the whereabouts. There are strong doubts now that the diamonds may have remained in the San Francisco area but some authorities are not ruling it out as there has not seemed to be any sign of them or any influx anywhere else of diamonds being exchanged in droves.