Gang Holdup Goes Awry

4/5/2013 Downtown San Francisco. The Imaginarium, a famous nightclub on the strip, was the target of violence Friday around midnight. A gang that has recently sprang up in the area, wearing signature red hats, were identified as instigating a hostage scenario, which erupted into panic when one of them opened up auto-fire toward the ceiling. Their bravado ended when people, spurned on by the gunshots fled from the establishment and some managed to also take the gang members down in the flurried loss of sensibilities. Seven of the eight trespassers were killed in an odd turn of events that no one is coming forward to take credit for. It may even be likely, by some guestimates, that the gang had a spat within its own ranks and killed their own members, as their behavior has been rather erratic in the past. This gang has been responsible for various brutalities throughout the city and gang warfare instigations. Police have been attempting to discern their origins and who actually leads them. At least for now, some of them seemed to get their own medicine and we can only hope this puts a damper on some of their future exploits.