Bomb Threat to the Metro

4/6/2013 - A bomb threat was issued from a cell phone, placed as a 911 call. The voice was a female and police have had to turn over evidence to the FBI for further investigations as to the identity of the caller. The call came around evening time and identified the metro, with no distinction as to what bus, as the target. Police scrambled and forces were brought in as the city was put on lock down while investigators worked to discover anything. After two days, no explosives were found and the metro was able to resume its normal functions though police and government investigators are narrowing their searches as to who made the call in the first place. The information is not being handed out to journalists at this time due to the security involved in the manhunt. The caller had clearly broken links to the phone that was used but they say some leads are promising and soon results as to who is responsible will be made public.