Midnight Fires in Central San Fran

4/10/2013 - A mysterious fire outbreak in central San Francisco broke out and consumed a few buildings. Included were Jan's Diner, Wacky Wyatt's Ribs and a Lonestar Texas Steakhouse. The top of a building nearby was also roasted to the point that the brick and cement were melting, mirroring a fire that took place on the docks back in February. Certain parts of pavement as well were slagged and a few vehicles were demolished. The deaths resulting from the tragedy, which authorities are saying was possibly initiated from a gas leak possibly, were 8 and injured people numbered in the 20s. Since it was late at night during a week day, not so many people were out. Had this been the weekend, there would have been many more dead. It is a small comfort to those who have lost friends and family though. Could this have something to do with the perpetrators who robbed the Diamond Exchange? Firefighters are at a loss to explain the similarity in the potency and heat of the fire used and some theorize at this point it is some kind of agent similar to napalm.