Another Business Struck by Gang

6/12/2013 - The Fields of Yalu was attacked today by a likely gang that has been evading police for some time now. It is believed that this gang is the same one that threw a nail bomb into the Sweet Sensations bakery a couple months ago. Three armed people entered the Fields of Yalu at around 9pm and the owner, Khasekhemwy al-Busiri, was tending shop alone. There was no camera footage of the details as the Fields of Yalu has no cameras equipped. Mr. al-Busiri declares that the three entered with clear intention to rough him up and steal anything of value since the shop does attract some of the more wealthy eccentric types. Some shelves were damaged and goods were scattered about. He sells various items from the Middle East and Egypt and is in the country with an entrepreneur visa, legally selling rare melee weapons, textiles, rugs, incense, herbs and rare fabrics, relics, jewelry and more. He reported that first, one entered and threw a flashbang grenade which went off and Khasekhemwy managed to duck behind his counter to avoid the effects. After, in self defense he stabbed the one who threw it with a sword and another foe was beaten until he believed that he was unconscious, because he was attacked after by him. Both men were killed, one by a serious stab wound from a rare blade and the other from being allegedly hit and kicked repeatedly. The third assailant fled the shop and there are apparently no witnesses to verify the story, though forensics investigations do seem to side with what was said. Since the two were wanted for connection to the Sweet Sensations bakery incident and the police verified with forensics evidence the scene, Mr. al-Busiri is not himself being brought up on criminal charges. The police side with him in that he had the right to defend himself. The Fields of Yalu was opened the following day after investigations were completed.