This fully operational space st... site.

The site has gone through some updates and is now pretty operational. Players can find many things now and we hope everyone gets registered so that you can take advantage of it.

A few things to note:

1. If you need help registering multiple accounts so that they will be connected to your email, please get in touch with Iradu so he can help set you up. It does not take long at all to do when he's there. We want every member to have access to their character profiles so that they can make changes as needed.

2. On your character profiles you will notice two areas of distinction. One is the 'Description' box and the other is the 'Bios' box. Please make sure you place in the Description box only what your character looks like. I.e. What is your character wearing? Does he have notable scars on his face? She has a tattoo on her ankle. You can also put how the character comes off demeanor-wise and their Attribute Appearance. Those sorts of things are all fine to place there. In the Bios box, please put only things that basically a common Harpie or someone would know at The Haven or in your familiar circles. Basically, information such as the character is a Primogen for the Malkavians or that your character spends a lot of time clubbing and getting wasted or has a serious demeanor and is not someone who likes to be trifled with. Do not put anything that you feel is sensitive or core to the character in your Bios.

The reason for this is because there will be a bot command added in the OOC and IC channels that can be activated during game play.
!Desc will be used to describe the physical appearance of your character so that you can feel free to use it at leisure instead of having to type it out all the time. You can come to the site and change this description whenever you wish.

That's all for now folks. ~