The Haven

The Haven, located on a main strip, is the Elysium for the Kindred. This Elysium has been extended to the Garou, Fera and other supernatural beings or those who are aware, so long as they abide by Elysium rules set forth by the Camarilla. Lillie Langtree, the Toreador Primogen, runs the establishment. Often, introductions to the Prince, Madeleine Astor, are performed here so as to let new Kindred get themselves established as per the rules of Tradition. Sabre, the Brujah Primogen, is Keeper and helps assist in settling disputes. There are usually a fair share of Brujah and Gangrel, oddly enough, at the establishment, mingling in with the crowd, though they may be harder to pick out than commonly people would assume.

The main entrance to The Haven is a large set of double doors and two guards always stand at the ready to allow people to enter or not. Those entering must be 21 years or older or at least be able to look the part. The guards have very high Auspex ratings to check out who will be considered 'VIP' or not, to which a person recognized as being other than a standard human will not receive a string band on his wrist. The wait time to enter the club can vary. On busy standard nights, the club may be rather packed and after a certain point, guards will not allow those who are not Kindred or allied to enter. If the guards recognize a person who is considered 'VIP', they will often just allow the person to cut lines and go in. A short set of stairs with a nice railing leads a person down to the main floor.

The Haven is very lucrative and caters to a diverse crowd but is considered to be an upscale establishment, serving the best liquors, wines and beers from around the world. Its rustic and Gothic interior, with quality oak and cherry wood throughout, make it quite the gentleman's club in a sense. However, it does lean toward catering to those who want to cut loose as well, with live bands that perform different genre's of music on a solid stage and a dance floor. On the first floor there are also booths that back against a wall and some round tables with comfortable chairs. There was no expense spared to provide the ambiance and quality within, down to the fancy lighting even. The patrons here are mainly human and are also not, per Tradition rules, to be tampered with. No displays of Disciplines, (or if you are other than Kindred, the equivalent of them) are to be used. There is a door marked 'Employees Only' that is used by staff which as a guard posted at it. Another door can also be seen toward the back of the club...

The door is off toward the back, guarded by two individuals who resemble the first two one would encounter when attempting to gain access to the lounge. They are suited up in quality Armani. Those who are VIP may go, once cleared by the guards, through the doors which leads to a set of stairs that wind upward to a second level. This second level has a mezzanine to which the VIP members can look down below and see most of the bar area, to include the stage and entrance, down below to monitor events as needed. There is another quality wet bar on this floor and some tables and booths. This area is considered safe to talk about those 'supernatural' deals and you will not violate The Masquerade here. However, bear in mind there are Harpies who love to listen in if you are too loud or say something pretty obnoxious and they have no qualms either about reporting with zeal about weird behaviors. Using abilities that can harm another being are prohibited in the Elysium, to include mental attacks or manipulations. The staff is fully prepared to deal with such occurrences, whether you are Kindred or not.

A door is in the back area of the Mezzanine and it is for the staff to use for extremely private conversations and also business. No patrons are permitted back there without the expressed consent of a staff member.

A few OOC things to note:

* There is no sale of such things such as 'Bloodwine', that can be found in some WoD games, here. If you have the merit to eat, you can imbibe what you will but if you do not, the most good a drink will be to you is to use it as a hand ornament to play the role of being 'normal'.

* The guards are well trained and have very high Auspex ratings. They can recognize in the majority of cases that someone is not a standard mundane sort. This does not mean they can tell what Clan, Kith, Tribe, you are or what kind of Fera you might be, etc.

* The guards leading toward the Mezzanine may or may not grant permission for someone to go up to the next level, whether they know you are not of typical human stock. Once you have been permitted, unless staff is told otherwise, your character will be able to go without needing to talk to them. They will just allow you to pass. The first time, however, is up to their discretion and who they inquire to.