The Imaginarium

A night club where you can dress and be who you want while mingling with various crowds. LARPs are even held there on specific nights and it can get a bit crazy there. Vex heads the club while a hot DJ named Roxy pours on the music.

The Entrance: You can go in dressed in whatever you like, but of course there are rules to covering up those narty bitty parts. Only 21+ can enter the establishment as it is a place where alcohol can be served liberally and the entertainment is mature. The law is adhered to so those who are underage will usually not get in unless under extreme circumstances approved by Vex personally. Here, there is a mingling level between those who are goth, punk, retro, Victorian Goth, disco, sci-fi junkies, fantasy lovers, sexy doms and subs, and those who even dress for success in fancy business suits and dresses or even doctor get-ups, cowboys and doesn't matter. People will tend to act out these roles they dress up as and are even encouraged to do so.

Along the walls there are several tables/chairs and there are two sets of stairs on either side of the building, going up to balcony areas. There are two bars that are rectangular shaped before the tables on the west and east sides. One is set in a design era combination of Victorian/fantasy/Tolkien-like scenery with glasses, mugs, steins and such to match. The other side bar is designed more with gothic/punk/rave design in mind catering to a more futuristic, sci-fi like scenery and glass-ware etc to match. There is a kitchen that makes some decent food to attempt to match the varying ambiance as well. It's not 'gourmet' but the typical foods you can get at some establishments, like chicken wings, onion rings, .. nothing that extraordinary but it is made with quality in mind.

The center floor is step down and is a large dance floor with lighting and such that is mostly typical of nice dance clubs. There are also a couple dance cages and occasionally some contortionist artists that do some aerial maneuvers and what not. Patrons may even elect to dance in the cages if they wish on some nights. In the north, behind the dance floor is another couple steps down and a railing for moshing or an audience and back from that is a stage for live performances.

In the northeast corner there are a couple of mechanical bulls with mats on the ground and guardians to watch, along with a little western motif.

The balcony levels: There are two balcony levels and another set of stairs to a DJ Booth.

The DJ Booth is over where the stage is on the first floor and the DJs can be seen mixing music and doing their entertainment through window exposure. Roxy, a buxom fiery redhead, spins out the tunes and will rev the audience up.

Upstairs balcony 1 is the larger area and has secluded booths for more privacy. The motifs along the decorum change with various fantasy/sci-fi etc stuff. There is a back room that is large which can be rented out for parties or is commonly used for LARPing Black Dog games or Dungeons and Dragons.

Upstairs balcony 2 is a VIP area and has a guard posted at the bottom stair level. There are some booths up here as well and another bar for the patrons who do get up there. It is not as big as the other area since well, there just aren't as many VIP sorts. What it takes to be a VIP is up to the owner's discretion.

Basement Level - This is guarded by two security officers and is off limits to the majority of patrons. The basement is a walkout basement so supplies are brought in the back via trucks and such. This area is very secure. Whatever else goes on down there is anyone's best guess.