Rules of Engagement - Combat

In this area, explanations on combat will be explained as well as some crossover aids for dice rolls. blah blah

Initiative: Dexterity + Wits + 1d

Close Combat

To Attack:
Unarmed: Dexterity + Brawling - Difficulty 6
Armed:: Dexterity + Melee - Difficulty 6
Biting: Dexterity + Brawl - Difficulty 7 (Damage is +1 Strength and is Aggravated)
Claw: Dexterity + Brawl - Difficulty 6 (Damage is Strength +1. Damage is Aggravated)
Clinch: Strength + Brawl - Difficulty 6 (Damage is Strength)
Disarm: Dexterity + Melee - Difficulty 7 (No Damage is taken but the opponent loses weapon if successful)
Hold: Strength + Brawl - Difficulty 6
Kick: Dexterity + Brawl - Difficulty 7 (Damage is Strength +1)
Leg Sweep: Dexterity + Brawl - Difficulty 7 (Damage is Strength but a success means the opponent is knocked down if resisting the attack fails)
Melee Sweep: Dexterity + Melee - Difficulty 7 (Damage is Strength + Weapon, but a success means the opponent is knocked down if resisting the attack fails)
Tackle: Strength + Brawl - Difficulty 7 (Damage is Strength +1. Roll Dexterity + Athletics to avoid Knockdown status - Difficulty 7)

Multiple Opponent Modifier is +1 for each opponent beyond 1, up to a max of +4 to Difficulty for maneuvers/attacks/defenses.

To Dodge/Avoid:
Block - Dexterity + Brawl - Difficulty 6(Lethal and Aggravated attacks cannot be blocked regularly unless the character has some method of soak such as Fortitude or is wearing armor)
Dodge - Dexterity + Athletics - Difficulty 6
Parry - Dexterity + Melee - Difficulty 6 (This can be used to parry a brawling attack or melee with chances to harm a brawling attack if the weapon does Lethal damage).
Break Hold - Strength + Brawl - Difficulty 6
Resist Sweep Attack - Dexterity + Athletics - Difficulty 8 to avoid knockdown.
Resist Tackle - Dexterity + Athletics - Difficulty 7 (Failure means the character is knocked down and takes damage)

Ranged Combat

To Hit:
Using Firearms/Guns: Dexterity + Firearms - Difficulty 6
Using Thrown Weapons: Dexterity + Athletics
Automatic Fire: Dexterity + Firearms +10d - Difficulty 8 (Attacker cannot aim during this attack and must have at least half a clip)
Multiple Shots: Dexterity + Firearms (Have a weapon that can do multiple shots in a Turn) +6 to +8 depending on if using full amount of shots capable.)
Point Blank Shots: Dexterity + Firearms - Difficulty 4
Strafing: Dexterity + Firearms + 10d - Difficulty 8 (The attacker empties the clip. The attacker divides any successes of the dice roll between the targets successfully hit and then rolls damage individually).
Three-Round Burst: Dexterity + Firearms + 2d - Difficulty 7
Two Weapons: Dexterity + Firearms - Difficulty 6, Offhand Difficulty 7 (Unless Ambidextrous). Weapon damage is normal.

To Avoid:

Location Immediate Aiming (This can be done with Melee, Brawling or Firearms)
A player may choose to have the character target a specific area or object. Difficulty raises but the effect is also more controlled.
- Medium Target (limb, suitcase) = Difficulty +1, No damage modifier.
- Small Target (hand, head, cellphone) = Difficulty +2, +1 damage modifier.
- Precise Target (eye, heart, lock) = Difficulty +3, +2 damage modifier.
- Avoiding Strafing: Dexterity + Athletics = Difficulty 7

Damage for Firearm attacks are the Weapon itself + Successes over 1.

Aiming (Firearms)
The Character must have at least a 1 in Firearms. The player can have the character focus on a specific target and gains a +1d for each Turn spent aiming. This cannot exceed the Character's Perception rating.
A scope adds +2 additional Dice.
This can only be used to fire one precise shot and modifiers still apply and the attacker can do nothing else but focus on the shot during the aiming time. The target must be moving no faster than walking speed.

A player may choose to have the character conceal herself behind some sort of cover.
- Light (Lying prone, 1/4th cover) - Difficulty +1
- Good (Behind wall, 1/2 cover) - Difficulty +2
- Superior (only head showing or 3/4th cover) - Difficulty +3

Reloading a Firearm takes one full Turn.

Maneuver Complications

Blinded: +2d bonus for rolls to attack someone blinded. Blinded characters are at +2 Difficulty to dice rolls for avoiding as well.
Dazed: If an opponent damages a character for more than the character's Stamina (mortals) or Stamina + 2 (supernatural beings), the character is dazed. Only damage successes that penetrate a character's soak count toward this. The character must spend her next available Turn shaking off the dazed effects.
Immobilization: Add 2d to attack rolls made against a person who is immobilized (someone held or tied up). Attacks hit automatically if the target is completely immobilized (tied up to prevent any movement, staked or paralyzed).
Knockdown: The victim falls down. The subject will need to roll Dexterity + Athletics at Difficulty 6 to stand up. If successful, the character gets back on her feet but her Initiative is reduced by two for the next Turn. On a failed roll, the subject spends the next action climbing to her feet if she chooses to get up.

Soaking (pg 280)

Wound Penalties