The Irish Mob Strikes Again

7/7/2013 - Even as things heat up in court, concerning the Irish Mob, they seem to not want to slow down with scare tactics. A witness to the case was attacked at his shop this evening during near closing hours. A young man with red hair allegedly entered the establishment and was appearing to browse around. When the owner called out to assist him, he dropped a grenade and fled out the front door, leaving the witness and another person behind as the grenade went off. Rounds were fired into the store after and there were several people spotted outside of the store wearing military-grade armor and carrying assault weapons. The group however was dismissed from the region before authorities could show up. The witness and the second person caught in the store were harmed only superficially and declined medical treatment. The pottery store was closed for investigations and will be repaired and police will be scouting it out more frequently in the coming days ahead as the trial continues.