Child Torture Exposed at Psychiatric Facility

The Coulter Psychiatric Facility has been closed by the city, pending a full investigation of allegations of child torture, illegal treatments, and child abductions. Late Friday night, an anonymous report of child abuse was made at the facility and when police responded they found shocking conditions and several children who had been reported kidnapped. Sensory deprivation rooms, solitary confinement, electroshock, and some strange sort of Clockwork Orange like set up which was being used on children as young as four. Many of the children reported being punished for daydreaming, playing pretend, and coloring. Furthermore the children reported being strapped down to a table and shocked, locked in dark rooms by themselves, others sensory deprivation helmets. All children are being treated for trauma and shock. The police have arrested all top ranking staff involved, except for the financial backer of the institution who remains at large; police believe he has fled the country. The identity of the tipster also remains unknown.