On the streets of San Francisco

San Francisco is a grand city full of life. Various people from all sorts of backgrounds journey here and the types of people you can meet are from all walks of life.

Clubs or Lounges

* The Haven - The Elysium for the Kindred and also a calm lounge sort of club where you can be served the finest liquors, wines and beers from all over the world. This fine establishment that draws so much attention to it is ran by Lillie Langtree.

* The Imaginarium - A night club where you can dress and be who you want while mingling with various crowds. LARPs are even held there on specific nights and it can get a bit crazy there. Vex heads the club while a hot DJ named Roxy pours on the music.

* The Torch - The best strip club the city has to offer. If you haven't been there and like strip clubs, you sorely don't know what you are missing.


* The Fields of Yalu - Dealing in ornate items from the Middle East and Egypt, from incense to old books, classic weapons, fineries and textiles, this shop is quite eccentric. An Arabic man named Khasekhemwy runs this business.

* Simply Sweet Sensations - Have a sweet tooth and want some of the best bakery goods around? Ruth Harris, the famous baker from the east coast, has come all the way from Boston to continue her franchise on the west coast. Indulge yourself and you won't be disappointed.

* Bombs Away Boutique - A place which does tactical gear styled gothic, punk, biker, steampunk, renaissance gothic etc. Clothing can be tailored to fit and designs by outsiders are welcomed. Dresses, corsets, jackets, leather, vegan/pleather, Kevlar cloth or Kevlar with plates, gel defensive wear, knee pads, gauntlets, wrist and ankle knife holders, shoulder pads etc, boots, shoes of assortment, some chainmail stuff plate mail. The attire can be fitted with pockets and functional spots for weapons such as hiding guns, knives, money pouches, sprays and such.

Services and Businesses

* (insert name) Music Studio - A place to create music and also be recognized with assistance by quality producers. If it sounds good, you may get some notoriety. If it sucks, you may get a CD to treasure for life but no one else is going to want to hear it.

* Daiyu Investigative Services - Investigating cases with police or on the case for private callers, Daiyu Investigative Services can assist with various cases to include missing persons or even those kooky paranormal cases no one wants to deal with. This business is ran from a building in China Town but will service anywhere in the San Francisco region.


* Golden Gate Park - There are great runners paths and bikers paths running through the densely forested park. It is a great region to relax in and get a little escape from the city, even as you are still in the city. The park is very well maintained and muggings tend to not be such an issue, although rarely things can happen. There are areas such as cooking pits and places to relax and do light sports or events there.

* Candlestick Park - This is an outdoor sports and entertainment stadium located in San Francisco, California, in the Bayview Heights area. It is currently the home field of the San Francisco 49ers.

Territories Owned

Certain regions are granted to specific groups by the Prince of the Camarilla or because other factions have claimed them and are recognized. They are listed below and would be common knowledge to Kindred. Others who are not Kindred may not be so aware but could inquire. All Primogen would definitely be in the know.

* Hospitals - The Prince herself claims the hospitals of San Francisco and monitors them frequently. She also has many who work within the hospitals that respond to her to report any odd discrepancies and she monitors that the Masquerade is adhered to. Of course, she has access to blood should people require it and does not take kindly to blood banks being removed without her expressed permission.

* The Docks - It's fairly public knowledge that all of Hunter's Point and the surrounding warehouse districts are Brujah owned and/or controlled, along with Candlestick Park. The Brujah also own the business 'Bombs Away Boutique' which is near the docks and underneath hosts a soundproofed underground arena for training grounds and fighting, as well as hiding people out in if need be. The Arena is a shared venture with the Nosferatu and Gangrel, though any who are united under the Prince may use it.

* The Haven and some other clubs/museums/studio - The Toreador own quite a few clubs to include The Haven and The Torch. Also a couple Art stores, a museum and a Music Studio.

* Police Stations - These are monitored most often by the Ventrue Clan and some ghouls as well as Kindred work shifts within the stations.

* The City Park and many of the streets/alleys - These belong to the Gangrel who protect their territories and ride around maintaining safety and watching that the Masquerade is not violated.

* The Sewers - The Nosferatu pretty well own the sewers and lower levels of the city. No one goes down there without being noticed and they may not be so well received. Obtaining permission prior really is a plus when communicating with the Nosferatu.

* Simply Sweet Sensations - Considered a region for the Toreador, mainly Ruth Harris.

* Stowe Island in the City Park - Although the Gangrel have exclusive rights to the Park, they tend to share it with the Garou due to the alliance they have reached. Stowe Island used to be the sole property of the Garou and Fera that reside in alliance with the Garou currently, but since the caern there withered it's been more accessible.

* Tamalpais Valley - The closest active caern to San Francisco is just north over the bridge. The land it's on is owned by a Shadow Lord kinfolk and he maintains it for the sept.

* Daiyu Investigative Services - In China Town, a building is granted as territory for the Tremere or rather Daiyu Quiyue.

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