Police investigates Church involvement in Hospital massacre

The SFPD, led by detective Frank Kohanek, performed an investigation of the Church of St. Gregory today, following implications of the institutions involvement in the SF General massacre, last week. Several teams of law enforcement officers were seen entering the building of the Gregorites, earlier today.

Detective Kohanek has this to say: "We have strong evidence that the Church has played a role in the recent atrocities in the city, culminating in the events at General. The SFPD is following up on any lead that can bring us closer to finding those responsible. "

Brutal attack on San Francisco General Hospital

San Francisco General Hospital was the scene of a brutal terrorist attack tonight. A group of people forced their way into the building, and left a trail of destruction and death as they made their way to down the halls. The hospital states the attack left no survivors in the coma ward. Additionally, the group left a multitude of fatalities and wounded in their wake.

Fires in Mission District

Several blocks of the Inner Mission District were evacuated last night, as fires that had erupted in nearby condemned blocks threatened to consume more San Franciscan dwellings. The blaze was contained before it could spread further, but the buildings it originated from have been mostly leveled.
Fire chief McLaughlin commented: "Although investigations are ongoing, we do not rule out arson as this point, and we ask anyone who has any leads with regards to this tragedy to report to their local law enforcement. "

A proclamation

Under the supernatural communities of San Francisco, the following proclamation is distributed:

Citizens of San Francisco,

Following the Conclave of June 29th 2016, we announce the following:

- Sabre of Clan Brujah has ascended to Prince of the City.

- Madeleine Astor of clan Ventrue will continue to serve this domain as Seneschal.

- Julian Luna of Clan Ventrue has graciously stepped down, and will remain in the city to aid this council where he may.

Rumor: Healing at Church?

The religious community stirs with rumor as word spreads of controversial healing ceremonies performed by the Church of St. Gregory. The leading clergymen are said to perform cleansing and purifying rituals, to rid their followers of sin. Incredible tales about these ceremonies have started circulating among the flock, mentioning miraculous results of the proceedings. The San Francisco Times reached out to the Church, and Roy Dobbs – media spokesperson for the congregation – made himself available to answer our questions once again.


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