Rumor: Healing at Church?

The religious community stirs with rumor as word spreads of controversial healing ceremonies performed by the Church of St. Gregory. The leading clergymen are said to perform cleansing and purifying rituals, to rid their followers of sin. Incredible tales about these ceremonies have started circulating among the flock, mentioning miraculous results of the proceedings. The San Francisco Times reached out to the Church, and Roy Dobbs – media spokesperson for the congregation – made himself available to answer our questions once again.

Gregorite church rapidly gaining followers.

St. Gregory's church rapidly gaining followers

The moral teachings of the Church of St. Gregory have struck an almost immediate chord with a large number of San Franciscans. Although an actual congregation has not yet been established, many enthusiastic followers and newly converted have been gathering at Market Square every day at 6:00AM, to attend open air services by Father Bascoli, who spearheads the Church’s efforts in San Franciso.
This paper had the pleasure of briefly interviewing Father Bascoli, as well as Roy Dobbs, official media spokesperson for the Church.

San Francisco Times: St. Gregory comes to SF

St. Gregory comes to SF

Roy Dobbs, media spokesperson for the Church of St. Gregory, announced that the Church is looking to found a congregation in San Francisco.

The Church of St. Gregory is one of the fastest growing tenants of Roman Catholicism, and has recently been gaining a lot of support. Although several minor incidents involving the church have recently come to light, Town Hall has issued a statement welcoming the congregation to the city.

"The Lord sends us where we are most needed", commented Dobbs. "

Missing Lakeport Boy Found: Claims to have been cared for by a bear.

A missing Lakeport six year old boy has been reunited with his family after a five day ordeal that has rescuers puzzled. The child was reporting missing five days ago and is presumed to have wandered off into the woods. Folks turned out in droves to search for him with the aid of local hunters but had no luck finding him. That is until today when he was found at a school bus stop in the Marin City area. The boy claims that a bear found him after he wandered into the woods and took care of him; finding him food and keeping him warm at night.


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