Bear Attack in Marin City

Joey Molina, 14, was mauled to death by a bear, in Marin City, while mowing his parents lawn. Witnesses describe a vicious attack by the animal which then ran away into a patch of trees after killing the boy. Searches of the area have turned up no trace of the animal and now the city is on alert for this vicious wild beast.

Local Evening News 8/16/13

Killer Bear on the Loose

Denise Stebbins was found dead by a local hiker in the Golden Gate National Recreation Area; she was last seen camping in the region three days prior. She had apparently been mauled to death by what authorities now speculate to be either a bear or a cougar.

Wild Animal Attack

Police responded late last night to reports of a wild animal attack on Marin Street in Almonte, Mill Valley. When officers arrived on the scene they found Derek Alvarez, 16, dead near the tree line. Authorities cannot say if it was the same animal responsible for the body found in the Muir Woods last week. Based on evidence at the scene it is speculated that another person was with him at the scene; and, authorities ask that this person please come forward to help with the investigation.

Evening local news broadcast 8/4/13

Body found in Muir Woods

The body of the missing Larry Mazzoli was found by a group of tourists in the Muir Woods National Monument. The United States Park Services and the San Francisco Medical Examiner's Office say that preliminary findings point to the cause of death as a wild animal attack, but have not yet identified what animal attacked due to the state in which the body was found. Park officials are warning visitors to be alert and to not approach any of the wildlife they might see.

Dated 7/31/13 in the SF Times

Child Torture Exposed at Psychiatric Facility

The Coulter Psychiatric Facility has been closed by the city, pending a full investigation of allegations of child torture, illegal treatments, and child abductions. Late Friday night, an anonymous report of child abuse was made at the facility and when police responded they found shocking conditions and several children who had been reported kidnapped. Sensory deprivation rooms, solitary confinement, electroshock, and some strange sort of Clockwork Orange like set up which was being used on children as young as four.


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