The Irish Mob Strikes Again

7/7/2013 - Even as things heat up in court, concerning the Irish Mob, they seem to not want to slow down with scare tactics. A witness to the case was attacked at his shop this evening during near closing hours. A young man with red hair allegedly entered the establishment and was appearing to browse around. When the owner called out to assist him, he dropped a grenade and fled out the front door, leaving the witness and another person behind as the grenade went off.

This fully operational space st... site.

The site has gone through some updates and is now pretty operational. Players can find many things now and we hope everyone gets registered so that you can take advantage of it.

A few things to note:

1. If you need help registering multiple accounts so that they will be connected to your email, please get in touch with Iradu so he can help set you up. It does not take long at all to do when he's there. We want every member to have access to their character profiles so that they can make changes as needed.

Another Business Struck by Gang

6/12/2013 - The Fields of Yalu was attacked today by a likely gang that has been evading police for some time now. It is believed that this gang is the same one that threw a nail bomb into the Sweet Sensations bakery a couple months ago. Three armed people entered the Fields of Yalu at around 9pm and the owner, Khasekhemwy al-Busiri, was tending shop alone. There was no camera footage of the details as the Fields of Yalu has no cameras equipped. Mr.

Mysterious House Burnt to Ash

Outside the city, about 15 miles from the bridge, a mysterious fire began to be noticed at around 2am on 6/5/2013. The sudden burst of flame ignited from inside the house at first but consumed the entire place, reducing it to nothing more than a pile of ash. Police are at a loss for what truly started the flames though it is believed that it likely was a case of arson where possibly gallons of gasoline were used inside and around the place. The ramshackle, delapitated house was abandoned years ago after an elderly couple had passed away and had no survivors to leave it to.

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