Midnight Fires in Central San Fran

4/10/2013 - A mysterious fire outbreak in central San Francisco broke out and consumed a few buildings. Included were Jan's Diner, Wacky Wyatt's Ribs and a Lonestar Texas Steakhouse. The top of a building nearby was also roasted to the point that the brick and cement were melting, mirroring a fire that took place on the docks back in February. Certain parts of pavement as well were slagged and a few vehicles were demolished. The deaths resulting from the tragedy, which authorities are saying was possibly initiated from a gas leak possibly, were 8 and injured people numbered in the 20s.

Bomb Threat to the Metro

4/6/2013 - A bomb threat was issued from a cell phone, placed as a 911 call. The voice was a female and police have had to turn over evidence to the FBI for further investigations as to the identity of the caller. The call came around evening time and identified the metro, with no distinction as to what bus, as the target. Police scrambled and forces were brought in as the city was put on lock down while investigators worked to discover anything.

Arson at Studio Apartment

Arson struck at a studio apartment building on Wednesday night. The worst of the damage seemed to be confined to one apartment and police are still seeking the tenant there for inquiry. No people were injured at the building but five people are now homeless with no answers as to what caused the incident. Mainly, the occupants of the building are aspiring artists who struggle to get by with their dreams.

Gang Holdup Goes Awry

4/5/2013 Downtown San Francisco. The Imaginarium, a famous nightclub on the strip, was the target of violence Friday around midnight. A gang that has recently sprang up in the area, wearing signature red hats, were identified as instigating a hostage scenario, which erupted into panic when one of them opened up auto-fire toward the ceiling. Their bravado ended when people, spurned on by the gunshots fled from the establishment and some managed to also take the gang members down in the flurried loss of sensibilities.

Diamond Heist of Fire

2/1/2013 - San Francisco, down near the docks, possibly one of the most bizarre heists took place. An illeged gas fire seemed to spark from a possible explosive entry into Lou's Diamond Exchange. The perpetrators made off with several million dollars worth of diamonds that had been imported recently. There is no photo or camera evidence of the criminals who broke in and demolished the walls, ripping into vaults and taking what they wanted. The fire then spread to two warehouses close by and down the street, to include even leaving behind melted sidewalk and streets that were slagged.


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