San Francisco Times: Carnage at Bakery Opening

Carnage at Bakery Opening
Fatality in drive-by bombing

Story night: Grand opening of Simply Sweet Sensations

Tonight is the grand opening of Simply Sweet Sensations, what is being touted in the food and culture section of the papers as an upscale dessert experience brought down to the streets of San Francisco by east coast bake Ruth Norris, whose previous establishments have all been regarded as the creme de la creme of main street confectionary bakeries.


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San Francisco Times: Abduction Spree Continues

Wednesday, December 26 2012

Abduction Spree Continues

Over the past few weeks, families all over the bay area have been horrified by the ongoing spree of child abductions plaguing the greater San Francisco area. The police are reluctant to release any information to the press at this moment, stirring the growing belief that the law enforcement professionals have no leads as of yet.

San Francisco Times: New Psych Clinic Opens

Saturday, December 22 2012.

New Psych Clinic Opens

This Saturday heralded the opening of San Francisco's new psychiatric facility for children.

The medical community of San Francisco has found its mental health resources pushed to the limit with an increasing number of juvenile children all sharing the same symptoms, which is why it is pleased to annouce the opening of a new privately owned psychiatric treatment facility for troubled children.


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