IC rumors

December 09 2017 18:48:03

"Now, you didn't hear this from me .. but .. a little bird told me Lillie is offering some big time rewards in her clan for anyone who brings forward information on Amelia Bidel or the singer herself. You remember that chick that got nabbed from The Haven, right? I wonder if she'd reward those outside the Toreador too..... if you happen to want to make nice with the Roses, might be worth a shot!"

September 19 2017 08:25:25

"BOOM goes the .. well something did at least. Went boom all over the Mission district, and if you ask me, it wasn't an accident. Oh that's the spin, I know it is. Served them well before, didn't it - and who doesn't like the classics. And while everyone's focused on putting out the flames, others are more focused on their own selfish agendas. Nothing happens by accident, you know. Not the downfall of those Gregorite nut jobs, not the return of Luna ... nothing. But mark my words - some day, when all of this will be forgotten, something will come crawling out of that pit. Something we'd wanted to stay buried..."

June 13 2017 18:05:58

"I can't believe it...well actually I can!" "Someone was eventually going to get her, but with so many possibilities who was it?" "I heard from a Ventrue ghoul that she was found almost headless! Looked like a claw job". "Do you think it was the warlocks? I heard that one or two, maybe the keeper was a bit put out with her and he has killed without permission before, you remember Luna's ghoul?" "I think it was someone cutting their liabilities.... I really shouldn't say more." "You don't think someone gave into their temper do you? ..the Seneschal does have so many hot tempered friends with claws."

June 11 2017 23:55:07

A Ventrue buddy of mine let it slip that charges are coming against the Prince's ghoul. Apparently she killed a guy and didn't have the sense to either lie her way out or cover it up. Maybe there needs to be a tradition against Princes having ghouls.

June 11 2017 23:52:31

A little grab, a little tooth...this is how fights start. Will the Roses take up arms against the Warlocks over this affront? Will they be looking for allies if they do? Would be a great opportunity to earn some points with one or the other if they are going to go at.

June 11 2017 23:45:55

With all the important people dropping from view does that mean there's room for advancement? The seneschal's gone, the Keeper is absent more often than not!. The Prince has to be looking to fill a few roles if this sort of thing keeps up. Who will find themselves suddenly in a new position?

June 11 2017 23:42:34

Lillie Langtree one of the most respected, okay maybe feared primogen, seems to have lost her edge! She was unable to intimidate a little neonate who touched her in Elysium. However where Lillie failed a staring crowd seemed to have worked. Does this mean she's headed for a long sleep?

June 11 2017 23:39:57

Unbelievable! Simply unbelievable! The Toreador Primogen physically assaulted in her own Elysium establishment and by a Tremere too! Someone needs to teach that Hollenbeck not to flash her fangs like a Lost Boy!

June 03 2017 20:44:15

Must have been a week since she was last seen ... not like her at all. Word has it she's run off with an infant .. a kine baby. I'm telling you: that Ventrue may act like Mother Theresa, but they're also known for their peculiar tastes in food. And if not that, maybe she's run off to chase a dream of a mortal life? Maybe killed a child in a feeding accident some time. Can't be sure, but for one thing - something odd is going on here.

May 29 2017 14:05:25

News travels fast these days. Seems our illustrious Prince faced off with a Sabbat pack priest at Pier 33 a few nights ago. Wiped the floor with the poor fellow - and then some. Of course, good press is a big part of politics, but if my Nosferatu connections are to believed, it truly was a quite the can of gratuitous violence.

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